Friday, August 30, 2013

Colors Galore

We are still talking about colors next week.  We have started our "Orange is a Carrot" book.  I have no idea of where this came from, but it's a cute poem that the students easily learn.  I have it in two forms that we read from.  I made a book by cutting poster board in 4 pieces and painting the images:
I also have it in pocket chart form.  This looks like overload because I have it tacked up on my calendar-
"a" is our popcorn word coming up so it's great for them to start seeing it as a word as well.
They then have their own books we are working on in their desks.  Each day we complete a page or two.  I have a template for it by clicking on the image.  The green grass is a green strip the cut and snip like grass the blue sky is a blue square which they can add a cotton ball as a cloud.  I also use a dye cut of a bear for the bear page
 The words and pieces are all included in this book the words are:
Orange is a Carrot,
Yellow is a Pear,
Purple is a Plum
 and Brown is a Bear. 
Green is the Grass,
Blue is the Sky,
Black is a Funny Hat,
and red is a cherry pie.
We will also be mixing colors.  We will use colored water and see how it "magically changes" as well as giving them small pieces of primary colored playdoh which we mix one by one to make all of the colors.

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