Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The First Day activities

Ugg, the beginning of school.  I forget what it's like...
Here's what we have been doing this week so far. 
We have been going up on rules and procedures nonstop.  We are using the stoplight system this year- but rumor is next year we will have a change school wide.  I'm interested to see what it will be.  You can print my stoplight system by clicking on my classroom management link and scrolling down.
We have also read The Kissing Hand, and a Kiss Goodbye.  They are both Chester the Raccoon books.  I used to read the bully book as well, but it was a little too wordy for kinders.  Here are some of the projects we have done:
Great project.  My class was quiet while doing this, then I sprinkled it with "magic sparkles" (AKA glitter) if they made their dots.  This is from Mrs. Ricca you can get it here
We mad raccoons out of heart shapes.  I cut out all of the shapes and we practice the dot of glue.  You can get a good idea of what students can follow directions from this activity.
We did handprints on hearts for the first day.  I tried paint prints but without a sink in the room and the bathroom many doors down, I've used the large ink pads.  This way students can use a wet wipe to wipe their hands.  Simple and fun for the first day!

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