Friday, August 2, 2013

Classroom Centers

I was thinking about my classroom centers that I have at the end of the day.  In these centers I usually include an art activity and another "fun" type of center (blocks, dramatic play, exc).  I feel kind of tired of the same old centers that I always use and was trying to think of ways to add to them.  I was thinking about having a pocket chart center.  Just something that goes along with the theme we are talking about.  I know that the student's like to be the "teacher" and put the pieces into the pocket chart when we do different classroom activities.  What an easy way to hook them in- and "trick" them into learning.  I have been brainstorming some ideas- none of which I too creative right now but I did come up with a simple beginning of the year apple pocket chart. 

The concept of this pocket chart center is very simple.  You can choose to have student match color to color word, number to number word, or add the small apples to show the number or number word. You can then record all the information onto the recording worksheet.  Seems like a simple idea, but I have a feeling a lot of the students will be excited to do this.

Well just to go along with my apple theme.  You can snag up my Johnny Appleseed Math Centers for free in my TPT store as well.  Again, it's one of the first center packs I made, but it's free and had decent graphing and roll and cover games.

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