Friday, August 2, 2013


I was excited to have an email from my friend today with some family pictures.  They turned out pretty good.

This is my husband and I with James.  We keep him in the summer and weekends when his mom works.  He spends a lot of time with us- we call him our "rental child"

Here's the whole family, my brother, Andrew and his wife Andrea and my adorable nephew, Colton, my mom and dad and me and my husband.  We took these out at our family lake where we spend time on the weekends. 

So I have read this book on the Daily 5 and it sounds great!

 I wish I had people following me now who could comment on how they use the Daily 5 in the classroom.  It is one of those things I am thinking about starting, I'm just hesitant and need to dive in with some advise from those who already implement it in the classroom.  I also think this is something that my students probably would not be ready for until after Christmas.

I am also hoping to become more organized in my classroom.  I was thinking about adding some  schedule cards- wondering if this would keep the "when is recess questions from constantly interrupting at the beginning of the year.  I found these signs at Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten page.  You can click this link and scroll down to the bottom to find them.  She has other freebies as well that are great!

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