Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Common Core

Well in typical school style, my mom's classroom wasn't ready.  She got all new flooring though and it looks super night.  She also has a giant room so I really don't feel sorry for her.  I also realized one of the greatest things you can keep in your desk is this:
Why do I not have a little tool kit in my room?  We used it countless times to tighten some knobs and things.  It was just great to have around.
I have also been looking for a good Common Core checklist.  I want to use this as I go though our reading/literacy lessons to ensure that I'm hitting all of the standards.  I plan to check them off as I cover them and marking each time I cover them throughout the year.
This is a great free checklist I have found on TPT.  It's great and I like the "I Can" language they use.  Makes it simple for everyone.  Click the picture above to link to Elaine's TPT store.
I am going to be working really hard this year to stay organized (although I say this every year).  Wi
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