Sunday, August 25, 2013

Brown Bear FREEBIES!

Well I forgot to mention along with my color unit we read and do a book study on Brown Bear Brown Bear by Eric Carle.  This students  love this book because they can easily learn to "read" it.  I got the bulletin board set so we are going to act out the story, sequence the story, and do many other Brown Bear activities.
Here are some of the Brown Bear games I have found and use.

This is a freebie by kinderglynn that I loved.  You can get it at the TPT store.  Click the picture.  It is awesome for math centers!!

This freebie is by doodlebugsteaching and is great for sequencing or colors.
Have fun in kinder has this freebie math center in the TPT store that I use:
And in my store I have a freebie ten frame and a write the room ($1)
 And How can I forget Brown Bear BINGO?  FREE AGAIN!

We also have a first painting project in the art center where students paint a brown bear.  I add pencil shavings to the paint to make it have a fur like texture.  The kids love it.

 photo sihnatureagain_zps9d307b1b.jpg

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