Friday, August 30, 2013

Colors Galore

We are still talking about colors next week.  We have started our "Orange is a Carrot" book.  I have no idea of where this came from, but it's a cute poem that the students easily learn.  I have it in two forms that we read from.  I made a book by cutting poster board in 4 pieces and painting the images:
I also have it in pocket chart form.  This looks like overload because I have it tacked up on my calendar-
"a" is our popcorn word coming up so it's great for them to start seeing it as a word as well.
They then have their own books we are working on in their desks.  Each day we complete a page or two.  I have a template for it by clicking on the image.  The green grass is a green strip the cut and snip like grass the blue sky is a blue square which they can add a cotton ball as a cloud.  I also use a dye cut of a bear for the bear page
 The words and pieces are all included in this book the words are:
Orange is a Carrot,
Yellow is a Pear,
Purple is a Plum
 and Brown is a Bear. 
Green is the Grass,
Blue is the Sky,
Black is a Funny Hat,
and red is a cherry pie.
We will also be mixing colors.  We will use colored water and see how it "magically changes" as well as giving them small pieces of primary colored playdoh which we mix one by one to make all of the colors.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chicka Chick Boom Boom

Here are some of our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom projects from this week.  The snack was a huge hit.
You are supposed to have alphabet cereal but I don't know if that is even made anymore.  I could not find it.  We just wrote the letters in of our name on the plate.  Someone later suggested scrabble Cheese its, if they are still making them.  Any other alphabet food??
The Chicka Chicka bulletin board turned out much better than I thought it would!
This also went along with out class book:  Here is what it looked like and click the blank document to download and print your own!
This page is different from the ones I used today.
My students loved this activity- it was our first class book.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall Centers & Freebie!

Check out my new fall centers in the TPT store.  There are tons of great math and literacy centers for your small groups.

These math and literacy centers are great for your fall unit (37 pages)
Write the room: place the word cards around the classroom, have your students walk around with a clipboard recording the words

Count the Room: Place the ten frame cards around the classroom or in a box. Have your student count and record the number next to the corresponding picture.

Spin and graph: Cut and laminate the wheels. Have your students spin the wheel and record onto the recording worksheet.

Roll and Graph: Cut and laminate the picture cards. Add the pictures to a large dice. Have your student roll the dice and record the results. They can then complete the comparing portion of the recording worksheet as well.

Vocabulary Cards: Great for your writing center or to display anywhere around the room

Ten Frame game: This is another ten frame recording game. Put the number cards in a box. Have your students draw out a card and fill in the corresponding ten frame box.

Pumpkin sequence 1-10. Cut and paste to sequence numbers.

Acorn Beginning Sounds. Copy acorns on 10 different colors. Add picture to each card. Have student fill out the recording worksheet.

Acorn Beginning Sounds Matching: Copy Cut and Laminate the Acorns. Have students match letters to beginning sounds pictures.

Acorn Popcorn Words: Copy acorns on 10 different colors. Write a popcorn word on each. Have student fill out the recording worksheet.

Race to Trace: Roll a dice, have the student trace the number they rolled. First to fill wins!

Spinners: Copy on cardstock and laminate to play race to trace.

Here is a freebie from the centers pack:

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Brown Bear FREEBIES!

Well I forgot to mention along with my color unit we read and do a book study on Brown Bear Brown Bear by Eric Carle.  This students  love this book because they can easily learn to "read" it.  I got the bulletin board set so we are going to act out the story, sequence the story, and do many other Brown Bear activities.
Here are some of the Brown Bear games I have found and use.

This is a freebie by kinderglynn that I loved.  You can get it at the TPT store.  Click the picture.  It is awesome for math centers!!

This freebie is by doodlebugsteaching and is great for sequencing or colors.
Have fun in kinder has this freebie math center in the TPT store that I use:
And in my store I have a freebie ten frame and a write the room ($1)
 And How can I forget Brown Bear BINGO?  FREE AGAIN!

We also have a first painting project in the art center where students paint a brown bear.  I add pencil shavings to the paint to make it have a fur like texture.  The kids love it.

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Survived the First Week

Well I survived the first week of school.  Every year you forget what it is like to start off with a new batch, and you never know what to expect!  Next week we will be doing Chicka Chicka Boom Boom activities as well as some color activities.  Time to start our daily learning routines.

Here are my new TPT products.  I've decided I need more literacy center ideas... still working on that.


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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The First Day activities

Ugg, the beginning of school.  I forget what it's like...
Here's what we have been doing this week so far. 
We have been going up on rules and procedures nonstop.  We are using the stoplight system this year- but rumor is next year we will have a change school wide.  I'm interested to see what it will be.  You can print my stoplight system by clicking on my classroom management link and scrolling down.
We have also read The Kissing Hand, and a Kiss Goodbye.  They are both Chester the Raccoon books.  I used to read the bully book as well, but it was a little too wordy for kinders.  Here are some of the projects we have done:
Great project.  My class was quiet while doing this, then I sprinkled it with "magic sparkles" (AKA glitter) if they made their dots.  This is from Mrs. Ricca you can get it here
We mad raccoons out of heart shapes.  I cut out all of the shapes and we practice the dot of glue.  You can get a good idea of what students can follow directions from this activity.
We did handprints on hearts for the first day.  I tried paint prints but without a sink in the room and the bathroom many doors down, I've used the large ink pads.  This way students can use a wet wipe to wipe their hands.  Simple and fun for the first day!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Need to Laugh?

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I remember asking teachers questions to get them talking and miss a quiz
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Products and Freebies!

Tomorrow is the big TPT sale.  I have a bunch of items in my cart I can't wait to buy.  Don't forget to check out my store.  Everything is on sale plus extra with the code BTS13.  Here are 2 new products I have posted plus a freebie.  Check them out.

Below is your roll and record freebie, just click and print.
Roll and record set in my TPT store:

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Friday, August 16, 2013

TPT Sale!

Big Sale Coming to TPT on Sunday and Monday.  Make sure you hit it up.  Everything in my store is on sale as well.  Click below to link to my store!!
You have to enter the promo code to get extra off: BTS13

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Open House Snack

These are my snacks for open house.  I think they are pretty cute!  Click the image to download.  For 20 kids I used about 2 bags of goldfish.  I used the small snack ziplock bags and taped on the paper. 

I fixed the link to a PDF file so the fonts aren't messed up
Last year I used Swedish fish, but it ended up costing me a fortune to buy enough of the candy.  I needed quite a few in the bag to make it look full, so goldfish were much better!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Genius pinterest idea.  Those are plastic bags.  I have them in my classroom for when kids forget the backpacks, but they are always coming out of the drawer.  This will be perfect storage in a Kleenex box!
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