Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall Centers & Freebie!

Check out my new fall centers in the TPT store.  There are tons of great math and literacy centers for your small groups.

These math and literacy centers are great for your fall unit (37 pages)
Write the room: place the word cards around the classroom, have your students walk around with a clipboard recording the words

Count the Room: Place the ten frame cards around the classroom or in a box. Have your student count and record the number next to the corresponding picture.

Spin and graph: Cut and laminate the wheels. Have your students spin the wheel and record onto the recording worksheet.

Roll and Graph: Cut and laminate the picture cards. Add the pictures to a large dice. Have your student roll the dice and record the results. They can then complete the comparing portion of the recording worksheet as well.

Vocabulary Cards: Great for your writing center or to display anywhere around the room

Ten Frame game: This is another ten frame recording game. Put the number cards in a box. Have your students draw out a card and fill in the corresponding ten frame box.

Pumpkin sequence 1-10. Cut and paste to sequence numbers.

Acorn Beginning Sounds. Copy acorns on 10 different colors. Add picture to each card. Have student fill out the recording worksheet.

Acorn Beginning Sounds Matching: Copy Cut and Laminate the Acorns. Have students match letters to beginning sounds pictures.

Acorn Popcorn Words: Copy acorns on 10 different colors. Write a popcorn word on each. Have student fill out the recording worksheet.

Race to Trace: Roll a dice, have the student trace the number they rolled. First to fill wins!

Spinners: Copy on cardstock and laminate to play race to trace.

Here is a freebie from the centers pack:

 photo sihnatureagain_zps9d307b1b.jpg

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