Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Centers Pack
New pack of centers- a great deal-

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Odds and Ends...

This next week is kind f an odd week for my theme and things.  We are finished with Halloween and pumpkins, but it's too early to start thanksgiving, so we are going to be doing some odds and ends projects.  I have a few left over scarecrow projects and fall activities, but I really don't have many creative ideas... anyone out there have anything for me this week?
Here are some things from the past couple of weeks that went well:
Some simple fall d├ęcor:

Paint a paper plate orange, add a leaf and stem and you're finished!
This is a simple pumpkin shape project that we made.  It's a 5x6" rectangle for the orange pumpkin 2x1" stem and a 2x3" green leaf.  I gave them a black strip of paper to make their own face.  Some of them were interesting, but I forgot to take a picture before I sent them home with the students.

Leaf wind socks.  I just cut construction paper in half long ways for the base.  The strips are 1" by about 4" because I'm tall and don't like hitting my head on them all day.  There are tons of leaf patterns to color and cut in google images.
This is another shape art project.  We read 5 little pumpkins and then acted out the story.  We also did a youtube video of the story which the kids loved.

Here's the youtube video:
From a couple of weeks ago you can see our Mrs. Wishy Washy bulletin board.  We colored and cut out animals, then we added "mud" by mixing brown paint and shaving cream.  It dries fluffy like mud and the kids loved it.

Going along with our farm unit a couple of weeks ago we graphed our favorite farm animals.  I like to always asks the students "what can you tell me about the graph" and then record what they tell me. 

For the letter Pp we made our own pizzas!  This is one of my favorite projects.  The students each made their own paper plate pizza with their favorite pizza toppings.  We then graphed as a class which toppings they liked on their pizza.  They loved this project as much as I do, and it's a great bulletin board when you're finished!

With our fall unit we did spider color graphing.  Each student has their own graph at their desks and take turns coming up to pick out a spider.   You can click the image below to get the worksheet.

this is something from the Mrs. Ricca pack that I posted about earlier. 

And this is a super easy center that the students were amazed by.  You can print any type of image and then trace over them with puff paint.  They will then turn into stencils great for rubbings.  We did real rubbings as well with leaves we found outside, but these seem to show up better and the students were amazed.

Here are some of my fall products in the TPT store:

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Thursday, October 31, 2013


So it's been a while, I have found the blogging takes time, and I haven't had a lot of that lately.  Mainly because of the Cardinals doing so well.  I have been watching every game.  Tonight I'm going to catch up some... after a great night of trick-or-treating with an adorable firefighter and monkey:

I've been doing some fun pumpkin activities this week as well. 
I found this great free unit from Mrs. Ricca.  You can get it at the TPT store-- again it's free!
After we cut open t he pumpkin we did this project with our seeds:
It has some great pumpkin ideas.  We have done many of them:
This comes with sequencing cards that the students can put in order.  It also come with a small reader that goes through the lifecycle of the pumpkin.  We did both of them.

I added this to my dramatic play pocket chart center.  I did not include the recording worksheet, my students don't seem ready for that yet.  They just match up the color words to the right color of pumpkin.  It was a big hit for the students to play "school".

We are doing pumpkin colors for one of our centers.  We are also doing some centers from Mrs. Ricca's free pack.  I will include some more pictures of them soon.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So I made these syllable sorts- 2 for fall.  Click below if you want them!

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Monday, October 14, 2013

New products at TPT store!

There are a bunch of other arctic centers.  Be sure to check out all my products- and freebies- in my store!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mrs. Wishy Washy

Continuing with the Farm:
We are reading the story of Mrs. Wishy Washy.  The class loves this story and the old tape that goes along with it.  So far we have done 2 Mrs. Wishy Washy projects.  This first project tells a lot about my class and students.  Some of them turned out so cute:
While others....  Well we are still working hard at following directions.

 There are some cute projects such as this Mrs. Wishy Washy cut and past at  You can click to get the pieces to make Mrs. Wishy Washy.  I printed them and traced around the pieces to help with the cutting problems we encounter.  She turned out cute and the kids could then act out the story at home.

My class loved this Mrs. Wishy Washy:

Here are the paper sizes and the directions:
background: 18" x 20" paper
Body: 1 blue rectangle 5"x9"
Head: 1 tan square 4"x4"
Arms: 1 Blue rectangle 1 1/2" x 8"
Hands: 1 tan rectangle 2"x4"
Feet: 1 red rectable 2"x4"
Precut apron shape
Precut Bandana Shape

Glue to blue body rectangle
Fold the Arms rectangle in half and cut on the line.
Glue on the two arems.
Fold the tan arms rectangle in half and cut on the line.  Cut off the corners of the squares to make arms.
Fold the red rectangle and cut on the line.  Cut off the corners of the squares to make red slippers.
Cut off the corners of the tan head square.  Glue on the head
Glue on the precut bandana
Glue on the precut Apron
Add details with crayons.

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Monday, October 7, 2013


Last week we continued farm and make this Rosie's Walk book to go along with the story:
Here is the cover.
We made a pocket on the barn door that we could put Rosie in.
I gave out Rosie on the last day-- It was the most exciting part.


If you would like the words for this book click here
I don't have the story pieces as of right now, but I'm looking into finding some like these.
I read the book but also have the pieces in sentence strips:
The kids loved the story.  They were acting it out.  Even with the pumpkin spice playdoh they were making the story pieces.  I was impressed:
On a side note, my nephew was sick- but he's home and better now.  Isn't he adorable?!
We also took James to the City Museum, a great place to take your kids if you are ever in STL.  This is my husband and James when we arrived, and when we were leaving.  Do Not skip a nap to go there!


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