Thursday, October 31, 2013


So it's been a while, I have found the blogging takes time, and I haven't had a lot of that lately.  Mainly because of the Cardinals doing so well.  I have been watching every game.  Tonight I'm going to catch up some... after a great night of trick-or-treating with an adorable firefighter and monkey:

I've been doing some fun pumpkin activities this week as well. 
I found this great free unit from Mrs. Ricca.  You can get it at the TPT store-- again it's free!
After we cut open t he pumpkin we did this project with our seeds:
It has some great pumpkin ideas.  We have done many of them:
This comes with sequencing cards that the students can put in order.  It also come with a small reader that goes through the lifecycle of the pumpkin.  We did both of them.

I added this to my dramatic play pocket chart center.  I did not include the recording worksheet, my students don't seem ready for that yet.  They just match up the color words to the right color of pumpkin.  It was a big hit for the students to play "school".

We are doing pumpkin colors for one of our centers.  We are also doing some centers from Mrs. Ricca's free pack.  I will include some more pictures of them soon.

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