Monday, October 7, 2013


Last week we continued farm and make this Rosie's Walk book to go along with the story:
Here is the cover.
We made a pocket on the barn door that we could put Rosie in.
I gave out Rosie on the last day-- It was the most exciting part.


If you would like the words for this book click here
I don't have the story pieces as of right now, but I'm looking into finding some like these.
I read the book but also have the pieces in sentence strips:
The kids loved the story.  They were acting it out.  Even with the pumpkin spice playdoh they were making the story pieces.  I was impressed:
On a side note, my nephew was sick- but he's home and better now.  Isn't he adorable?!
We also took James to the City Museum, a great place to take your kids if you are ever in STL.  This is my husband and James when we arrived, and when we were leaving.  Do Not skip a nap to go there!


 photo sihnatureagain_zps9d307b1b.jpg

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