Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Long Week

This week felt like a long week.  We had a lot of stuff going on, and the kids were very excited.  We have moved onto our farm theme, a theme the kids love.  We started off the week by reading "The Farm Concert" which is a super old book from an old reading series
My class likes the tape that goes along with it-- although some of them asked what "it" was (a cassette tape) and what my cassette player was.  I didn't think I was that old!
We made a class book to go along with it.  It was super simple.  This class loves making books that they can take home and "read" to their families.
Here are some centers around the room:

I put corn in the sensory table.  It's harvest time so the students are already interested.  I put whole cobs or corn in there and the kids love picking it off the cob.  A normally loud center was somewhat quiet- because what kid doesn't like picking at something??
I also put cards with numbers in them where the students would put the corresponding kernels of on there.
We made pumpkin spice play doh.  I used a no cook recipe and added extra pumpkin spice.  I found the generic brand for cheap because pumpkin spice is expensive.  You could just use cinnamon and nutmeg or make your own spice mixture.  I got the recipe here (and doubled it)
I had a farm book on tape in my library center, but all the students were obsessed with this old bulletin board set that I put on the front of my desk.
Here are my apple colors write the room centers at TPT
I also put out my first write the room center.  This was a tough one as a first write the room.  I made up baggies with the markers they would need and a pencil.  This helped them to complete the center.
Next weeks project:
They love the video:

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  1. I like the trays for play dough! I should get some to help contain the mess. The corn is a neat idea for the sensory table.

  2. Yes they are great for containing the mess. A wise kindergarten teacher told me this trick! Thanks Doris!