Friday, September 6, 2013

More Color Fun!

To go along with our color unit, I use these centers at the end of the day. 
These are some of the color centers I am using in the classroom.  I like this first center because it's simple, the kids love it, and it focuses on fine motor which many of my students need this early in the year.  I have found that telling them they get to be "scientists" and sort the colors with the tweezers makes it so much more fun.  All I did was printed some brown bear pictures and glued them into the corner of each construction paper square.  Then I laminated the paper.  I then just throw a bunch of pompoms and cut up pipe cleaners (I didn't have all the colors in pom poms) into a bin and the kids sort.  They love it!

This is my pocket chart center in the dramatic play.  This was from my color cards that I got at the dollar tree.  It looks plain, but I wanted to leave it open ended so the children could sort the pictures how they wanted.  It's been fun to see how different students sort them.

We have been working on cutting and the concept of "dots" of glue.  In this center the students are cutting from magazines pictures of things they like and then glueing them into the right colors.  This is only after a few minutes on day one, I'm always amazed by the finished product. (apartently someone likes Gymboree coupons).
In my sensory table I have colored rice that I dyed (food coloring and rubbing alcohol) and I had letters from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I added bears and color cups for the students to sort by color.  This centers seems to be a favorite this year.

These are our rainbow clouds we will be making today.  We talked about the order of colors in the rainbow.  (Sorry this is mine that has been folded in my files).  We have 2 clouds we cut, staple, and stick some Kleenex inside to make them puffy.  We then hang them from our clips in our classroom.
I will post some more color things we have done later today.
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