Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Literacy Centers

I would also like to do literacy groups.  I know the teachers in my home town do "The Daily Five" and they love it.  I created some literacy games that I thought about starting this year, but probably not at the beginning of the year.  I need to do some more research on how literacy centers work.

Mrs. Ricca's kindergarten has a lot of literacy center ideas that I have been looking into.
Here are some free centers that I have in the TPT store:
Again, these are some of my first centers I created so they aren't my best work- but they are FREE!  I use them in the fall when I do my farm units.  One of my favorite centers is write the room.  You will see this if you have visited my TPT store.  I have a write the room for about every subject.  They are great and super easy to use.  The kids love them too.  I just give them a clipboard and send them on their way.  It is fun to hide the clues around the room and make them really look for them.  I also let them use fun writing utensils from time to time.  I have some crazy pen with fathers, or even just mechanical pencils kids think are really great to add a new spice to the center.
This is a free one on my TPT sight.  Click below to be linked to print it.
I am pretty excited about my Brown Bear write the room I just created.  My class loves this story at the beginning of year- they easily learn to read it on their own!  It is great for our color unit!


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