Sunday, January 26, 2014


Well it's been forever since I posted much.  I have found that blogging is harder than I thought.  I have still been posting on TPT if you follow me.  We have been busy in the classroom with our winter units.  Next week we will begin our Polar Animal unit.  I used to call it "Arctic Animals" but then I got a ton of comments that I was technically incorrect- that penguins are not in the Arctic- so I quickly changed everything to "Polar".  Oops.  Here are some of the new products in my TPT store and some freebies!

I also have a bunch of winter centers that you can pretty much print and go:
This one is a freebie!

I'll try blogging more now.  I've really been slacking taking pictures of all the fun things we have been doing in the classroom-so my camera comes back to school with me on Monday.

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